Compliant with PCI 2. Refer to the following: Answered on Oct 14, views. Before calling for technical support or returning for warranty, this chapter may help to address some of the common questions using some basic troubleshooting tips. Do not use force. Setting Jumpers Use the motherboard jumpers to set system configuration options. Answered on Jul 28, 65 views.

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Hdmi Audio Setting Sop – Ecs AGM-M7 User Manual [Page 53]

Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver. The motherboard complies with the specifications for the Micro ATX system case. How to change display language? Use the items below this one to set the date and time of the wake-up alarm.


Match the pin1 corner marked as the beveled edge on the CPU with the pin1 corner on the socket. If possible, ensure the power cord has sounf earth ground pin directly from the wall outlet.

If so then yes. On most motherboards, there are small surface-mount resistors near the processor socket, which may be damaged if the cooling fan is carelessly ssound. Block Multi-Sector Transfer Auto If the feature is enabled, it will enhance hard disk performance by reading or writing more data during each transfer.


The computer will restart automatically.

Download drivers for ECS A785GM-M7 1.0

If you choose Quite mode, the fan speed will be auto minimized for quiet environment. When the Save and Exit dialog box appears, select [OK] to save and exit, or select [Cancel] to return to the main menu. Turn on again to wcs if the CPU and power supply fans are running.

A bent pin may cause failure to boot and sometimes permanent damage from short circuit. Keep your computer in a well ventilated area.

If the card is not Plug and Play, you may have to manually configure the card before installation. The manufacturer reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the content hereof without obligation of the manufacturer to notify any person of such revision or changes. A different pin assignment may cause damage or system hang-up.

Routinely clean the CPU cooler fan to remove dust and hair. Shows ePal on-line connection status. When the Exit Without Saving dialog box appears, select [OK] to discard changes and exit, or select [Cancel] to return to the main menu.

When the system is turned back on, the system is configured with the values you stored in CMOS. Answered on Nov 13, 66 views. Answered on Jul 10, 44 views.


General Help Help Item Normal: The default setting is auto and we recommend users leave the setting unchanged. Case Open Warning Disabled This item enables or disables the warning if the case is opened up, and the item below indicates the current status of the case. Reset Switch Supporting the reset function requires connecting pin 5 and 7 to soind momentarycontact switch that is normally open.

Answered on Aug 04, views. SPK Speaker header 9. The motherboard identification is located in the upper left-hand corner.

Shielded interconnect cables and a shielded AC power cable must be employed soumd this equipment to ensure compliance with the pertinent RF emission limits governing this device. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Connect the auxiliary case power supply connector to ATX12V.

The following screen appears: