Last edited by Jr’s Farm; at The time now is At least that I could surmise Guess my next step is to call MosCip Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. They were unable to help and suggested I contact the chipmaker MosChip to see if there was anyway to modify the drivers. Based on this very thorough description of the problem thanks Steve:

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I realize this is a pretty old thread, but I recently ran into this problem with a Rosewill RC dual port card using the moschip MCS Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Click the link, set a password and you’re ready to go.

The reason is that EPP changes the state of the tri state output of the parallel port.

These items have the same guarantees as full-price products. At this point I can only assume it’s the PCI parallel card.

MCS9815 — PCI to Dual Parallel Controller

Although the product literature is entirely in Mandarin, the installation routine is in English. C1 34 nm9851 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 14 10 D9 02 Offset If the parallel port is not set to EPP or ECP, the drive motors will still work, but the other features of the G will not work with any consistency.


Wait until eggs are completely cool before you peel. Example for common Netmos adapter with 2 serials and one LPT: You don’t set EPP in device manager you set it in bios. Hi- I’m having the same problem.

By default, without any load, it would go to 4. Includes links to 2; resources. At this point I can only assume it’s the PCI parallel card. I also talked with Marcus at Geckodrive and suggested that he too try this but on the G motherboard.

Need Help! Anybody have a working PCI parallel card for G w/ charge pump enabled?

The site includes an easy step-by-step process for finding, downloading, and installing drivers, a company. Need help for the driver Win 7. Attenuation 17 – Windows Child Forums The misty is a memory of spreadsheets.

I put an oscilloscope on pin 16 before and after to see what was going on.

None of the precious smoke has escaped so far. Based on this very thorough description of the problem thanks Steve: We do not n9m815 a C26 card to actually test, so my observations are based on reading the manual and looking at the chips on the board as seen in photo from the CNC4PC web site.


I tried installing that driver before, all that happened was any file, video or audio, played for 2 sec then stopped, not moscihp mention there was still no sound.

NM or NM 2P. This was so when the coil deenergizes, you won’t blow up the power supply.

MosChip NetMos PCI 9815 Multi-I/O Controller Free Driver Download

This means that the parallel port signal must be able to source enough current to turn on the LED. It uses a different chip, so maybe I’ll get lucky this time.

VFD, and outputs 1 and 2 will not be functional, nor will the charge pump. The c26 is just a buffer that increases the current for the various input pins.

I’ve not got any other. It does not provide the charge pump signal. The G inputs are just a current limiting resistor feeding the positive side omschip an LED inside of an optocoupler.

Download MosChip Semiconductors Was: